Live in Edinburgh This Week – 26th March 2012

 Well well well, isn’t it bloody gorgeous out. So needless to say, I am hopping on a train down to London instead of getting straight out into the back garden to enjoy the sun. People really can be idiots, can’t they. People like, er, me.

There’s a near-complete dearth of gig that you would expect me to be recommending this week – not a distortion pedal in sight, in fact – so I reckon I should embrace the fact that some of Edinburgh’s most interesting promoters have quite a lot going on, and it would be the perfect chance to step out of the same old routine and go and see something different.

Tuesday 27th March: The Doozer, Long Distance Runner & Shareholder at the Banshee Labyrinth.

The Doozer have been described this way: “The lazy man’s way to review it [would be] to call it a bridge between Syd B and Chris Knox, carrying all the weird damage and superb left field pop motion that implies” by Byron Coley in the Bull Tongue Top Ten of 2010, and as I am not so much a lazy man as an ignorant one I am going to have to go with that.  The two support bands are apparently mysterious Edinburgh supergroups, composed of various members of the city’s underground bands.  Looks intriguing.  And good.

Wednesday 28th March: As Old as My Tongue – the Myth and life of Bi Kidude at the Third Door.

Bi Kidude is apparently a Swahili musician who, as well as having a long a distinguished musical career, has continually attracted controversy due to her less than acquiescent attitude to a woman’s role in Muslim society.  This is actually a film event, with a discussion with the director afterwards, and whilst I know nothing about Kidude herself I have to say it sounds rather fascinating.

Friday 30th March: Neu! Reekie! #15 at the Scottish Book Trust.

Neu Reekie is a night which amalgamates animation, music, spoken word, poetry and, I would imagine, pretty much any other kind of art form it can get its hands on.  This is the kind of night I’ve been looking for for a long time actually, so I think this Friday, especially given the excellent Withered Hand and Ryan Van Winkel are performing, might be the time to pop along.

Saturday 31st March: Khyam Allami at the Pleasance Theatre.

This is a collaboration between Powan Presents and the Edinburgh University Middle Eastern Society, and brings world-famous Oud player Khyam Allami to Edinburgh. Tickets can be purchased here.