Live in Edinburgh This Week – 25th March 2013

1997054825 Yes that –> is a picture of Edinburgh in the warm sunshine. Yes, I am doing this just to irritate you.

I didn’t write this post last week, due to travelling back from Austin and so on, and unfortunately there happened to be loads on. This week, unfortunately, I am here and eager and ready… and there ain’t all that much happening in Edinburgh that I can spot. Or that I personally happen to like the look of anyway.  Unless of course I’ve missed something, which usually happens at least once per week – corrections and frustrations in the comments section please!

For those of you quick off the mark we have Eric Pulido at the Electric Circus tonight, otherwise known as yon chappie from Midlake. This will be a duo show, show some of the harmonies which make Midlake’s lush Americana so compelling could well still be present. Even if not, the fella can still bloody sing, that’s for sure.

Then on Friday at the Wee Red Bar we have a bit of a noise-fest, with Die! Die! Die!, United Fruit and Black International.

But my pick of the week might actually be this rather obscure lineup at Henry’s: La Fin Absolute du Monde, with Hotstuff and the Eyecandy, Comptroller and Arcadecoma. There’s a lot of chip tunes on there, which I like on occasion but am not hugely smitten by much of the time. La Fin Absolute du Monde, on the other hand, make more epic, atmospheric electronic stuff and from the sound of the album they have posted on their Soundcloud page it could be pretty interesting.