Live in Edinburgh This Week – 25th July 2011

 You know what’s on this week?  Nothing! Nada.  Zip.  Diddly.  Bupkis. So I suggest you go to the movies, read a book, sit outside in the sun (if it lasts) or whatever the fuck else it was I used to do before getting so sucked into the world of music.

There’s The Bellrays at Cabaret Voltaire on Thursday, I guess, but I have only ever heard a song or two by them I’ve really been into.  I think the real highlight of the week will be the Live Lounge at the Electric Circus, which has Finn LeMarinel and Debutant on the bill, amongst others.  I’ve hummed and hawed about Debutant in the past, but I’ve been listening to his album a fair bit recently (free, here) and really enjoying it.

Shortly, however, there will be this, and what better time to tell you about it than a slow gig week:

Scottish Independent Record Fair

Sunday 7 August, 1pm – 7pm Dissection Room, Summerhall.

Acoustic music throughout the afternoon in the Anatomy Lecture Room

Spend the first Sunday of the Fringe hanging out in Edinburgh’s most unusual new bar: Summerhall’s Dissection Room. Grab a drink, listen to some fine music and buy lots of great records from some of Scotland’s best loved record labels and bands.

Including stalls from Chemikal Underground; De-Fence Records; Fence Records; FOUND; Gerry Loves Records; LuckyMe; Retreat!; Song, By Toad Records and more to be announced.

Funnily enough, I’ve been talking to Kev from Avalanche about this, but unbeknownst to me Tommy from FOUND was having the exact same chat independently, and has actually got his shit together a lot quicker than I did.  The idea is that Scottish labels bring along their wares to sell, record shops come along with older Scottish music, as well as a any self-releases or single-release label stuff or labels who can’t be arsed to come along themselves, and the whole day includes all sorts of live performances and DJ slots from the Scottish independent music community.

It should be a blast, and hopefully the catalyst for a yearly event celebrating the independent music scene, the actual physical objects which are made, and the people whose work goes into making it all happen.

If you’re a shop, label, or self-releasing band and you want to get involved, email Tommy here: