Live in Edinburgh This Week – 25th February 2013

waver Ah, so here we all are, back on the internet where everything of note seems to take place these days.  Except this post of course.  Sorry about that.

Anyhow, as we gear up for SXSW, gaze at the sunshine outside and wonder if we can start anticipating Spring, and join the world in wondering if that damn eagleowl album is ever, ever going to be released* there is another week of gigs upon us.

Not that there’s all that much going this week actually, at least not all that much which I personally am that into, so it depends how much respect you have for my opinion I suppose.  If the answer is ‘basically none, I’m just bored at work and need to find someone on the internet to sneer at’ then, hey, you’re in for an amazing week. Alternatively, if you treat The Word of Toad with a sort of hushed, deified reverence then a/ I pity you and b/ you might find things a bit thin this week.

Anyhow, the highlight of the week for me looks to be the relaunch of Henry’s Cellar Bar. Don’t ask me why, but I love that place, and it’s splendid to be back doing Toad gigs there again this year.  There are new owners now though, you get ice and a slice in your G&T and someone’s even cleaned the floor and wiped the tables.  So in honour of this momentous event they are having a relaunch party on Saturday, with all sorts of bands playing. Go to it.

Other than that there are a few things which are probably on the fringes of my taste, but in which you may be interested: Hidden Orchestra at the Queen’s Hall, and The Stranglers at the HMV Picture House on Friday, and then Egyptian Hip Hop at the Electric Circus on Saturday.

* May, apparently. Or that’s what they’re promising this time.