Live in Edinburgh This Week – 24th February 2008


There’s some good stuff in the ‘Burgh this week, including a couple of highly recommended local folk acts that I have yet to catch live, so it might mean the domestic chores getting put on hold for another week. I’ve heard a fair bit recently about both My Kappa Roots and Withered Hand and they are both playing Henry’s Cellar Bar this week, the former on Monday 25th February and the latter next Sunday, 2nd March. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to either gig, which is more than a little frustrating, but I’ll try. There are, as Mrs. Toad has to keep reminding me, chores to be done.

Wednesday 27th February: Stephanie Dosen at the Ark.
What happened to her? I heard a fair bit about her about this time last year and since then, nada. God only knows why she’s playing the Ark, which is a shabby place indeed, but she’s easily their most high profile booking for ages.

Wednesday 27th February: Kid Harpoon at Cabaret Voltaire.
After the release of his Second EP a few weeks back, I am really looking forward to his slightly folky indie stuff, and apparently he’s terrific live too. I’m also looking forward to seeing local band The Kays Lavelle for the first time as well, in support.
Kid Harpoon – Flowers by the Shore

Thursday 28th February: Found & Down the Tiny Steps at Cabaret Voltaire.
Down the Tiny Steps are absolutely superb – they go from acoustic folkiness to shoegazey guitar to experimental electronica, often in the same track. They’re superb live too. I’d be here just to see the Tinies, but throw Found into the mix and there’s no chance I’m missing it – what a first class lineup.
Down the Tiny Steps – Aye Spy
Found – You’re Really Quite the Catch

Sunday 2nd March: The Futureheads at The Liquid Room.
Without really expecting it I’ve slowly turned into a really big fan of the Futureheads. The tracks from their new album have a rockier edge than the indie-pop they’ve tended to produce thus far, and they sound terrific. Oddly under-rated if you ask me.
The Futureheads – Broke Up the Time