Live in Edinburgh This Week – 23rd April 2012

I nearly typed ‘Lice in Edinburgh This Week’ in that post title, which actually rather amused me. Just in case you wondered.

Anyhow, wildly entertaining typo anecdotes aside, I have some exciting stuff to tell you about this week, although most of it is Toad stuff, honestly.  The awesomeness of The Leg’s album launch could only be outdone by something pretty fucking special, to be honest, and although Neu Reekie will probably have a good go, I still back The Leg.  This is going to be bloody brilliant.

And if you want to earn some karmic brownie points this week, you will also have the opportunity to do that as well: Mrs. Toad is organising the annual collection for the lifeboats on Saturday and we are looking for volunteers to come down to Stockbridge and help us between about 10am and 5pm.  There will be cake and booze offered as an inducement, and you’ll only be expected to do an hour or so (depending, of course, on how many people actually turn up) and I promise we’ll be suitably grateful.

Anyhow, for those of you who don’t care about helping out for charity (note extreme disapproving face) there are some more conventional entertainments on offer this week as well:

Wednesday 25th April: Three Blind Wolves, Cate leBon, Saul Ashby & Sam Airey at Sneaky Pete’s.

This is another Communion night.  Welsh singer Cate leBon has a new album out nowish, I believe, and she is joined on the bill by Glasgow’s Three Blind Wolves, along with Saul Ashby and Sam Airey.

Friday 27th April: Neu Reekie at the Edinburgh Book Trust.

Neu Reekie is a combination of music, spoken word, poetry, art and all sorts.  It sounds like an excellent night, and I have rather shamefully yet to make it along to one, so I am hoping that this week will be the lucky charm.

Friday 27th April: Remember Remember, M.O.T.O. & Kill the Waves at The Third Door.

I only really know the first band on this bill, and that was from one of Vic Galloway’s lineups at the Electric Circus earlier this year: they’re kinda epic, proggy and hypnotic, and they’re nice and loud too, so I reckon this should be worth a bash on Friday night.

Saturday 28th April: The Leg album launch.

We’ll be meeting at The Wash bar on the Mound, between 6-8pm, and then walking up to the venue from there. There will be a glass or two of wine for everyone, a string quartet because that’s how fucking sophisticated we all are, and then The Leg will play.  Anyone who comes along to this and wants to go to Papi Falso afterwards will get a pound off both gigs too, because we’re that nice.

Saturday 28th April: Papi Falso 1st Birthday Party at Henry’s Cellar Bar.

With special guests, no less, this show will start a little earlier in the night with a secret band playing (on stage late enough that you can go from The Leg launch to this without missing anything), and then unusual boogie late into the night.