Live in Edinburgh This Week – 22nd November 2009

edinburgh Given how mental it looks like December is going to be for gigs, the last week of November looks as thin as I wish I still was.  There are a couple of things knocking around though, so bear with me.

On the subject of touring, incidentally, it’s really not a cheap undertaking so as an alternative Candy Claws – who are on my friend Kevin’s label, Indiecater Records – are doing a virtual tour.  This means that each day for a couple of weeks a new blog in a new place will host one of their videos, thus allowing them to play to audiences in lots of different places in much the same way a conventional tour does. List of remaining dates at the bottom of the page.

Erm, so here are the only gigs I could really dig out for the week.  There’s not a lot, but then, giving the liver a rest in the week before the Christmas mayhem really kicks off is no bad thing.  Song, by Toad Christmas part and the last night at the Bowery on the 12th, remember.

Tuesday 24th November 2009: Dawn Landes & the Last Battle (I think) at Sneaky Pete’s.

Dawn Landes is a very lovely American lady singer-songwriter.  I don’t mean to be flippant, but there’s really not much else you need to know.  I think The Last Battle may be supporting, but I’ve managed to lose the email telling me one way or another, so I’m afraid a suspicion is all I can give you.

Dawn Landes – Picture Show

Saturday 28th November 2009: Drums of Death at Sneaky Pete’s.

Oddly, I am going to have to confess to not being an enormous fan of Drums of Death, but whether or not this was a thin week I’d still be recommending him.  I saw him at Wickerman this Summer and despite the thumping, dirty doosh-doosh-doosh music not being my bag, it was still a really impressive performance, so I’d definitely recommend seeing him if you think you are even slightly likely to like it.

Candy Claws virtual tour dates:

12/8 – Liverpool – The Devil has the Best Tuna
12/9 – Ireland – Asleep on the Compost Heap
12/10 – Norway – Eardrums Music
12/11 – Germany – Das Klienicum
12/12 – Scotland – Song, by Toad

12/14 – Switzerland – Music of the Moment
12/15 – Huggerland – mp3hugger
12/16 – Venezuela – Gopher Illustrated
12/17 – Philippines?
12/18 – Surprise Finale!