Live in Edinburgh This Week – 22nd June 2008


There’s pretty much fuck all going on this week.  I get the impression everyone’s packed in in advance of the Festival, whose lineup is pretty fucking thin this year, and we may be in for a barren few weeks before things kick off in August.  If kick off is the right word.

Bart has spotted some gigs that he likes the look of, so maybe you should check Magic Marker.  Bart’s taste, barring a tendency to love everything in the world, is reliable but I don’t know enough about most of the bands he recommends this week to actually recommend them myself.  And there’s a Meursault gig virtually every night for some reason:
– One accompanied by The Kays Lavelle at the Ark on Wednesday the 25th.
– One with fellow Bear Scotlanders Les Enfant Bastard and Withered Hand at Henry’s on Thursday 26th.
– And another with Y’All is Fantasy Island on Friday 27th, also at Henry’s.  Neil will be sick of the sound of his own voice by the end of that little run.

That apart, there’s a Duty Free gig at Cabaret Voltaire on Sunday 29th June, with some Yoof Rock: Cats and Cats and Cats, Edgar Prais and Over the Wall.
It’s a lineup I have a few reservations about, but an interesting one nevertheless and definitely my pick of the weekend’s entertainment.  Hopefully next week with find some more fertile fields to plough.
Cats and Cats and Cats – You’ll Never Make it Home