Live in Edinburgh This Week – 22nd April 2013

cranes_red_moon So, Record Store Day is over, the subsequent hangover dispatched, a tedious day of sitting around waiting to find out about jury service has been put to bed. I’ve been out to Bathgate in order to be fucking terrible at football, returned to Edinburgh to watch United claim their 20th title, and now here I sit at my computer wondering what the rest of the week holds for me. Boundless excitement, I am pretty sure.  Actually, after last week’s Beer vs. Records (bored of that yet?) and the forthcoming Sparrow and the Workshop album launch shows, there is still a very heavy Song, by Toad Records flavour to this week’s best gigs.

On Thursday Rob St. John and various collaborators will be at the Scottish Storytelling Center with his Folklore Tapes collaborators. As well as live performances by himself, Ian Humberstone and Malcolm Benzie and David Chatton Barker – the man behind Folklore Tapes, as I understand it – there will be visuals by Barker himself, and a talk on the traditions and practice of folk song by Tom Western, another member of Rob’s band.

The following night Meursault play a more straightforward bill at the Liquid Rooms on Victoria Street, alongside pals Withered Hand and the new look FOUND. As ever, Meursault are already evolving away from the sound of their last album, but that’s pretty much par for the course with these guys, which is a large part of what makes them such an interesting band to work with. FOUND too will be evolving since the departure of bass player Tommy Perman, but apparently their last few shows have been, and I use this word under advisement. ‘bangin’. Honestly, that’s what people said.

There are a also a couple of really interesting-looking gigs which might pass you by, but which I think are very much worth attending, should you be at a loose end. One might be a challenge, as King Charles at The Electric Circus, but hey, if you reckon you can swing a guestie you might as well give it a go. Other than that, however, we have the potentially awesome Temples at Sneaky Pete’s on Thursday, co-headlining with Drenge. Honestly, I can take or leave the latter, and the former have only one single song knocking around the internet at the moment, so it’s hard to say anything with any real confidence about them just yet. Apart from this: that one song is an absolute fucking belter. It is classic late 60s psychedelia, but when you can pen tunes this catchy it really doesn’t matter if you’re all that original in your sound or not. I really am curious to see what else these guys have in their locker however, and it’s nice to see Sneaky’s back on the live music calendar, after they’ve had to gamely battle through yet more sound-proofing hassle.

Et Tu Brute??? may be a little oddly named, but their pedigree is nevertheless just fine. The are Grant from Edinburgh School For the Deaf and Dan Mutch from The Leg, and their new stuff sound, umm, a tad challenging but nevertheless pretty bloody good. The band are playing at Henry’s Cellar Bar on Saturday, just before the welcome return of Papi Falso later that same night. And that’s after you’ve presumably come round to our house to help collect for the RNLI earlier in the day, which of course you’re all doing, aren’t you. Aren’t you?

And finally, also on Saturday 27th Pendulum Man Concerts present their last show in a while, with Fieldhead (Gizeh Records), A-Sun Amissa (Gizeh Records) and Now Wakes The Sea (Wiseblood Industries) at the Banshee Labyrinth at 8pm.  Advance tickets are a fiver with an exclusive 3-track download EP at