Live in Edinburgh This Week – 21st September 2008

Eliza Carthy

Having been neatly scolded for my snobbery after mocking neds last week, with no mention of their prejudice for threatening to chib me for sounding a bit posh and somewhat English, I am going to steer clear of sweeping generalisations this time around for fear of being stabbed by the weasels on one side and berated as I bleed to death by the tut-tutters on the other.

Wee Half China does make some very good points in that post actually, and whilst it is easy enough to point out that mocking neds for being shitey little bastards is no different to mocking posh yahs for being unspeakable cunts, or indeed the balsamic vinegar classes for being stomach-churningly pretentious, it must be noted that being stereotyped as an unspeakably posh twat never stopped anyone getting ahead in life, so point taken.

That doesn’t have much to do with this week’s exhibits at the Edinburgh live circus though, does it. Apart from perhaps noting the continuing status of indie as some sort of white, middle class, largely male musical ghetto. But, erm, sorry, I’ll try to stay on topic. This week for your quiversome musical pleasure I have found the following:

Wednesday 24th September 2008: Eliza Carthy at the Voodoo Rooms.
For someone who I’ve always associated with gentle folk, I must say that the picture of Eliza Carthy (above) is looking surprisingly babelicious. Listening to the stuff on her MySpace page it all becomes a little clearer – I simply had some slightly skewed pre-conceptions. She still seems loosely based in folk, but there’s a lot more going on there than that so it might be worth popping along here for some, er… glam-folk, can I call it?
Eliza Carthy – Two Tears

Thursday 25th September 2008: Morgan Orion & Withered Hand at the Collective Gallery.
Withered Hand are bloody marvellous. That is all you need to know. About Morgan Orion I know very little, although even a cursory MySpace listen will tell you that there’s something very worth investigating here. It’s basic low-fi singer-songwriter stuff, but the low-key balance between the rough and the smooth is judged nicely, making the sound rather intriguing, if you ask me.
Morgan Orion – Something to Sing Through

Thursday 25th September 2008: Small Town Boredom, Eagleowl & Paul Goodwin at the Wee Red Bar.
This is rather tragically the Gentle Invasion retirement party. It must be said that Bart has retired before, but I am assured that this time he really, really means it. Really means it. Honest. So head along to Henry’s Cellar Bar for an evening of very low key, gentle folk-pop and watch Bart try and persuade himself that he can go cold turkey. He can’t. I guarantee it.
Small Town Boredom – Apologies For Apathy

Thursday 25th Spetember 2008: Jesus H. Foxx & Be A Familiar play Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms.
It’s all very bounce pop this week at Limbo, so it should be great fun. I am not all that familiar with Be A Familiar, but Jesus H. Foxx have some great tunes at their disposal, so fire through for the £2 bottled beers and plenty of boppery.
Jesus H. Foxx – I’m Half the Man You Were

Saturday 27th September – Benbecula Records Showcase at the Voodoo Rooms.
Benbecula are a very well-respected record label in these parts about whom I know very little indeed. They tend to focus on electronica, often quite experimental. Given my general ignorance I think a showcase like this would be the perfect time to get a taster of what the label is really about.