Live in Edinburgh This Week – 21st October 2013

Pleasance Sessions Digiflyer

You know, I just ordered a Chinese takeout and got a free poke of chips with it. Weird. I’ve had free spring rolls and free prawn crackers, both of which make sense, but chips? Who has chips with Chinese?

Anyhow, back to my weekly ‘come to my fucking gigs or I will secretly resent you forever’ post. Or at least, that seems to be what these are turning into. Don’t worry, I’ll be giving it a rest for the next couple of weeks as after Saturday our next gig isn’t until the 16th November.

Before that, of course, we have this Saturday’s Song, by Toad Records extravaganza at the Pleasance Courtyard – three bands upstairs in the theatre and three downstairs in the Cabaret Bar, all for a fabulously low price of £12 (£10 for students). You’ll see Meursault, Plastic Animals, The Leg, Naked, Zed Penguin and Le Thug, and it will be fucking brilliant. There you go. And there will be DJing and funtimes at the White Horse afterwards where Vic Galloway is playing records at Intensively Reared.

Other than that, we have a couple of fine nights at the Electric Circus with Mike Heron and the Trembling Bells on Tuesday, and then the rather more visceral and raucous Growlers on Wednesday. Other than that I ain’t seen much knocking around, but then I am just a blogger, and we do all talk mostly shit you know.