Live in Edinburgh This Week – 21st June 2010

Umm.. nada, absolutely nada this week.  Not one single gig I would be likely to go to myself, which is a bit unusual.  Still, I am going to Glastonbury for the first time, so this not entirely a bad thing from my perspective.  As a good friend of mine pointed out: ‘Giving up your job and then off to Glastonbury – it’s like the end of your adulthood’.  And he’s not far wrong.

Oh yes, giving up my job, did I mention that?  Well yes, as of Wednesday I will be a full-time Toad.  Or ToadPRO as someone called it, not that it will entail being much more professional I wouldn’t have thought.  Still, I am hugely fucking excited, not to be giving up my job actually, which I have always enjoyed, but the idea of being able to tackle all this Toad bollocks head on and really do it properly is a really exciting prospect as far as I am concerned.  More on this later, though.

Last week I strayed wildly outside the list format for my Monday listings, which caused howls of upset from the cheap seats, and this week will be no different.  There are a couple of interesting things happening, notably a Great Junction Street Music Studios showcase at Henry’s Cellar Bar on Saturday 26th.  I know nothing at all about the bands involved, but I really think this kind of event is a good idea.  If you are looking to get your band off the ground and start finding an audience, club together with your mates, put on a gig, invite all your friends and give it a go.

Alternatively, there’s the Penguins Kill Polar Bears EP launch tour passing through Scotland this week.  I may not like the music myself, but these guys are doing a really good job of  getting themselves noticed on an entirely DIY basis, and the more of that that happens around here the better.  I always admire people who just get on with it, rather than whining about what other people should be doing for them, and this band certainly deserve your support.

Can you call a list comprising one single item a list at all?  And it’s not really a gig either.  Ah well, to soothe the agitation of those I upset last week, here is my list for this week:

Thursday 24th June 2010: Nick Cave speaks at Canongate Books‘ Irregular night at the Roxy Art House.

To say that Nick Cave is one of my heroes would be something of an understatement, and I am grinding my teeth down to fucking stumps with frustration at the fact that I will be in out of town on Thursday night when he comes to do a reading down at the Roxy.  Arse monkeys.

And to make up for the lack of giggage, I have a special present for you all, courtesy of Jon from Virgin of the Birds.  He played the Toad New Year’s House Gig this year, and seems to have developed a bit of a taste for Meursault, to the extent that he is one of the first people in weeks to actually bother to spell the band’s name correctly.  Anyhow, Jon sent through this rather lovely cover of Crank Resolutions last night, and it’s great, so I thought I would share it.

Virgin of the Birds – Crank Resolutions (Meursault Cover)