Live in Edinburgh This Week – 20th September 2010

It’s a busy week this week, and actually I am quite happy with this fact.  Sometimes busy weeks of gigs feel like a forest of looming obligations, but I don’t think there’s anything I feel any real guilty pressure to attend this time around, so this week may for once be assigned to fun and fun alone.

Having delivered a shitty Summer, Edinburgh is doing its usual trick of starting Autumn brilliantly.  It is cold now, but the sun has been dazzling, leaving me wondering why I didn’t spend more time in the garden this Summer.  The answer, of course, is because it was constantly pishing rain.

I am actually going to miss anything, however interesting, taking place at the end of the week because I am off to Eigg (an island, for you non-Scots) for the Fence Collective’s rather brilliant-sounding Away Game.  I won’t tease you too much about that though, as tickets have long since sold out.

Wednesday 22nd September 2010: Diane Cluck, Wig Smith and Rob St. John at the Wee Red Bar.

I am as keen to hear Rob St. John’s new stuff as I am to hear Diane Cluck for the first time, I have to confess.  Either way though, it’s a win-win situation for me.  I just have to be careful not to let the Wee Red Bar’s primary school time constraints catch me by surprise as I have done in the past.

Diane Cluck – Ink & Needles

Thursday 23rd September 2010: Darren Hayman, Gordon McIntyre (fae Ballboy) & Withered Hand (solo) at the Wee Red Bar.

Wave Pictures and Herman Dune pal Darren Hayman is touring, I think, in support of his latest album with the Secondary Modern, Essex.  Both Gordon and Dan are friendly, charismatic performers and this comes across particularly strongly in a solo acoustic setting, so I would imagine this will be one of the most ‘lovely cup of tea’ gigs you’ll see in a while.

Ballboy – Sex is Boring

Friday 24th September 2010: The Scottish Enlightenment, Dan Lyth & Moon Junk at Sneaky Pete’s.

The Scottish Enlightenment are launching their new EP this evening (title track below, for all you naughty downloaders of pirate material from the internet – shame on you!), all of which is a painstakingly crafted strategic buildup to their album release later in the year, and subsequent unstoppable ascent to world domination.  This is not as accessible as their previous Pascal EP, at least not immediately anyway, but after a few more listens I think it might be every bit as good.

The Scottish Enlightenment – Little Sleep

Saturday 25th September 2010: White Heath, Sebastian Dangerfield, Zoobizaretta and Loch Awe at Sneaky Pete’s.

I think this is actually Zoobizaretta’s album launch, but I don’t really know them at all and so, no disrespect intended, I kinda think of this as the first chance to catch Loch Awe.  Yep, their first ever gig.  Now, they sent me through their debut EP (which you can download from their Bandcamp link above) and although I am not sure if it’s quite ready for wider consumption yet (most of the Edinburgh bands I love were going for a good few years before I bumped into them and fell in love with their stuff, so this is a pretty normal thing, I think), there are still some great moments on it.  Darling, Your Lover in particular is one of those songs which brought me back in from the next room to listen to.  I am not sure what it is about it, but it’s a song I definitely find compelling for some reason, and that’s the magic ingredient I suppose.

Loch Awe – Darling, Your Lover