Live in Edinburgh This Week – 18th June 2012

 Once again I find myself listing a pile of gigs I can’t possibly attend myself.

And, frustratingly, there is a shitload of interesting stuff on this week.  Specifically, the Gerry Loves split 7″ launch on Thursday and the Tinderbox Orchestra stuff at the Queen’s Hall on the weekend look bloody amazing.

I’ll still be charging about like a fanny though, and unable to get to any of this.  Annoyingly. Ah well, you’ll have a good week at least!

There is also a slightly confusing one, in that on the Sneaky Pete’s website it simply has the words Forest Fire on the listings for Wednesday 20th, no explanation, no links, nothing.  So it might mean that this band are playing, and it might not, I don’t know. [Edit: Apparently it’s this lot, from Aberdeen.]

Tuesday 19th June: Rozi Plain, This is the Kit, Candythief & Plum at the Voodoo Rooms.

This gig runs the gamut from folk to electronic pop, to guitar pop and will take place in the very fine, if rather pricey atmosphere of Edinburgh’s swankiest gig venue.

Rozi Plain – The Lang Toun

Thursday 21st June: Adam Stafford, Rick Redbeard & Wounded Knee at Henry’s Cellar Bar.

Three talented mavericks, one lineup, and another fine split 7″ release from Gerry Loves Records.  You can never really tell what Wounded Knee is going to produce – abstract loop collages or simple traditional music.  Adam will presumably be playing his layered pop songs with little more help than a guitar and a loop pedal, and Rick Redbeard’s stuff is simple acoustic pop.  This of all gigs this week I am particularly pissed off about missing.  But there you go, you can’t have it all.

Friday 22nd June: The Last Battle single launch with William Henry Miller, Star Wheel Press & Where We Lay Our Heads at Pilrig St. Paul’s Church.

The Last Battle’s sound has been evolving rather elusively over the last year or so.  They went from relatively hard-strumming folk pop, to a denser sound which bordered on the epic, to the new single, which is much more delicate and wistful than I was expecting.  I look forward to hearing the new album.

Saturday 23rd June: Tinderbox Orchestra, Broken Records, North Atlantic Oscillation and G-Code at the Queen’s Hall.

The press release says this: “The bands will each be performing their own music and collaborating with Tinderbox’s 50 piece orchestra & new 30 piece choir!! Plus live visuals and other arts from Hidden Door.” And I doubt I can add much more. It looks intriguing, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you much of what to expect, and once again I find myself gnashing my teeth at my inability to attend.

Saturday 23rd June: The Bad Books, Loch Awe, The Spook School & the New Fabian Society at the Wee Red Bar.

The third Tidal Wave of Indifference gig will be looking to emulate the sold-out success of the previous two, and the lineup this time around is a fine collection of new Scottish independent bands.  New Fabian Society are playing our Milk Maid gig on the 30th as well, so if you can’t get to see them this time, then you’ll get another chance soon enough.