Live in Edinburgh This Week – 17th October 2010

This would have been a really helpful post if I had written it yesterday, when I should’ve.  In that tiny window of physical incapacitation I have managed to fail to inform you about such bands as Mount Kimbie and The Brothers Grimm, Alastair Roberts, eagleowl, The Wee Rogue and The Douglas Firs.  By such narrow margins are great blogs built and once-great blogs judged and found wanting.

There are excuses, though.  This is Song by fucking Toad of course, so there are always excuses, but an Interminable List of Feeble Excuses for Underachievement, by Toad just didn’t have the same ring to it.

Anyhow, last week saw a (thankfully brief and relatively benign) family crisis send me scurrying down to London, followed by a return trip via Manchester for two nights of bevvying at In the City, a drink-and-vinyl-fuelled reunion with Mrs. Toad on Friday night, followed by the Honeytrap gig on Saturday, after party in the wee hours of Sunday morning and then the Savings and Loan House Gig on Sunday itself.

By yesterday afternoon I was, I’ll be honest, Just Plain Fucked.  So for those of you who missed out on the dynamic fringes of the Brothers Grimm or the folkings of Alastair Roberts due to my lack of stamina I am indeed sorry… but not really all that sorry.  Fuck you, really, I was completely cabbaged and you can just deal with it this week.

So, what’s left to do this week, for those of a musical bent?  Plenty, actually, although not really until the weekend, when it really does kick off.  There’s only one gig which really stands out to me, which is this one:

Friday 22nd October 2010: The Chap, Milk & The Young Spooks play Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms.

The Limbo laddies (they’re going to hate me for that) are back at the Voodoo Rooms again, which is good news.  I don’t know much about the bands in question, I must confess, but then Milk are sufficiently elusive that they have neither a MySpace page, nor much written about them anywhere on the internets, so I am not entirely blaming myself.  See, I told you there were always excuses.

But there are two weekend-long festivals, both of which look like very good bets indeed.

22nd-24th October 2010: The Hidden Door Festival at the Roxy Art House.

The link above takes you to the musical plans for this particular event, but the Hidden Door Festival is a lot more than just a gig.  It’s actually a multi-arts festival, aiming to encourage collaboration across disciplines and a general breaking down of the somewhat artificial walls which tend to carelessly emerge between different disciplines when left alone for too long.  They explain it better and in more depth themselves on this page of their site, but it certainly looks like a really interesting event.

22nd-24th October 2010: Edinburgh Popfest.

This one barely needs any further information than that which can be inferred from its name, with three days of live music spread across three venues, from the Wee Red Bar (Friday), to the GRV (Saturday all-dayer), to The Lot (Sunday – early though, so watch out for your timing).

The full lineup is available on their site, but local notables include eagleowl, Withered Hand, the Secondhand Marching Band and the Just Joans, with the more exotic visitors including Darren Hayman and Suburban Kids With Biblical Names.

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – Funeral Face