Live in Edinburgh This Week – 17th May 2010

I’m afraid the gig listings this week are going to be little more than a great steaming post of Toadspam.  We’ve a lot on at the moment, and I’d hate to think you’d let other people’s wonderful creative efforts distract you from the fact that the most important thing you can do this week is give a needy, gin-soaked virtual amphibian a bit of validation.

So as such please bear in mind that it is most definitely NOT the This is Music fourth birthday celebrations this Friday, and Meursault are certainly NOT going to go down to Sneaky Pete’s to rock the shit out of the place, oh no no, nothing of the sort.

Anyhow, the Loch Lomond Night Bats launch tour kicks off tomorrow, in the Slaughtered Lamb in London, then trundles through Glasgow on Wednesday (the first ever Glasgow Toad Night, as per the above poster), then Aberdeen on Thursday, Berwick on Friday, Leith on Saturday and back down to London to play The Black Heart in Camden on Sunday night.  Because I am driving around with them, posting might be somewhat disrupted this week, but I will try and make sure I get a couple of reviews written up this afternoon so that they are available to post over the course of the week.  Otherwise you are in the hands of Dylan, rather famously referred to as Baldrick in the comments for the last podcast, much to his distinct lack of amusement and my descent into the giggles.

Anyhow, at the Roxy Art House there will be some poetry and music from the Wintergreens on Wednesday, and then some sprightly indie-pop from Come On Gang on Friday, but there’s not an awful lot else that I can find in Edinburgh which looks like my kind of thing, honestly.  Social Services look kind of interesting, although I know nothing about them at all, and they’re on at Sneaky Pete’s on Thursday 20th.  And that seems to be it, although it’s far from unusual that I miss at least one good gig from these listings every week of course.

Wednesday 19th May 2010: Meursault, Loch Lomond & Jonnie Common play the Song, by Toad Records Showcase at Mono, Glasgow.

It’s been a while since I’ve been through to a gig in Glasgow, and I am really looking forward to this one – Mono is a lovely venue by all accounts.  I was toying with the idea of trying to get more Glasgow bands on the bill, and then it struck me how silly it would be to to go to all the trouble of putting on a gig in Glasgow, only to put bands on the bill they can see every other week anyway.  I reckon we should start doing a few of these showcases actually – help small Glasgow labels to put them on here, and then encourage Edinburgh ones to do things through there.  If that worked out we could even extend it to places like Aberdeen or Manchester or stuff like that, but I’m probably getting a bit ahead of myself here…

Loch Lomond – Tic

Friday 21st May 2010: Meursault & Islet play This is Music at Sneaky Pete’s.

Yes, yes, yes, I will be in Berwick and unable to attend this one, very funny.  I reckon the idea of the Meursault playing a full band set live in a little club like Sneaky’s should be bloody brilliant, to be honest with you. It is hopefully going to be very, very loud.  Due to excessive workloads I haven’t had the chance to actually go to a bloody good late night piss up for a while, and this is the one I would pick if I could.

Meursault – Red Candle Bulb

Saturday 22nd May 2010: Sam Amidon, Loch Lomond & Leif Vollebekk at the Queen Charlotte Rooms in Leith.

The return of the Bowery, with early evening crafts, some poetry reading, and music this should be a lovely night.  The Queen Charlotte Rooms (the pink building just next to The Compass in Leith) is a building caught in a bloody timewarp, but that makes it an absolutely incredible place.  It looks for all the world like somewhere my grandma would have gone for one of her industrial-strength rum and cokes to meet her friends from the British Legion.  The music will be folky goodness from Sam Amidon, Loch Lomond, Leif Vollebekk all kicked off by a solo acoustic performance by Neil from Meursault.

Sam Amidon – Wild Bill Jones