Live in Edinburgh This Week – 17th January 2011

These things never really seem to last so I guess I better say something nice about it while I can: it’s really quite a pleasant morning here in Edinburgh today.  Presumably by the time I hit ‘Publish’ all that will have changed and we’ll be back to the shitty old January we’re all so very familiar with around these parts.

Still, at least the old live music machine is coughing and spluttering its way back to life.  Just wait until the second week in February though, because judging from my calendar that’s when it really does kick off something chronic.

In only tangentially related live music news, Fence Records today announced that tickets for Homegame are going on sale this Saturday at noon – presumably hoping the fact that absolutely everyone in the fucking country is flat broke at this time of year will keep the resulting rush under control, unlike last year, when their server crashed within five minutes of tickets going on sale, having already sold out.

Monday 17th January 2011: Mama Rosin, The Stormy Seas & Barret Wise at Sneaky Pete’s.

It’s a really rather varied lineup this one, but it’s raucous as hell and should be excellent fun for those of you itching to get out to see some music after a very slow start to the year in these parts indeed.

Tuesday 18th January 2011: Woodpigeon and friends’ secret acoustic show at the Forest Cafe.

This show has literally gone from my Facebook feed to this post within seconds, consequently I know nothing about it apart from the fact that Woodpigeon are good, and that lots of Mark’s friends are in bands which are equally good, so I highly recommend this one.  There are some benefits to being tardy with a post I suppose.

Withered Hand & Woodpigeon – I’m Set Free

Saturday 22nd January 2011: The Scottish Enlightenment, Johnny Reb & Morris Major at The Wee Red Bar.

Our first monthly Ides of Toad night, with plenty of guitars.  Broddy guitars, in terms of the Scottish Enlightenment, raucous guitars from Johnny Reb and jangly guitars from Morris Major.  I have already gone on about this gig at plenty of length, so I shall remind you once more that tickets can be bought here, and hope you all turn up.

Johnny Reb – Nine on the Line

Saturday 22nd January 2011: The Lowly Knights, We See Lights, Washington Irving and Micah Vincent at The Lot.

I remember my friend Matt from Northern Ireland going on about the Lowly Knights at great length when we were both at Fresh Air Radio a couple of years ago and this is, I believe, the first time they have come here and of all night to do it, it’s on a bloody night when I have my own gig on and can’t go and see them.  ARSE! Still, the Lot as a venue will be gone by the end of January, so this might be your last chance to enjoy it.