Live in Edinburgh This Week – 15th June 2008


After the excitement of last week it is with just a little bit of relief that I announce that there is pretty much fuck all going on in Edinburgh this week.  Phew.  I might just stay in and finally catch a bit of the football on the telly for a change.  Would you believe a bloody footie fanatic like myself has missed every last second of the Euros thus far?  That’s how busy I’ve been.

Well I can take bit of a breather this week, although I am meeting Andy to plan the Nightjar album launch, which will hopefully be late in July.  So what is there for your entertainment this week?  Well mostly there is Bear Scotland.  Who the fuck are Bear Scotland I hear you ask?  Well they are the loose collective including Withered Hand, Meursault, Les Enfant Bastard and a couple of other bands I am only just getting to know.  Well one of the only things I find myself really recommending this week is the night all the bands on Bear Scotland that I don’t know come to town – that and the single release night for the excellent Kid Canaveral.

Friday 20th June 2008: Kid Canaveral at Henry’s Cellar Bar.
Kid Canaveral are releasing their new single, and this is the launch party.  I don’t have to big these guys up – just listen to Smash Hits below.  I defy you not to bounce.  See?  Get along to Henry’s then.
Kid Canaveral – Smash Hits

Friday 20th June 2008: School of Language & Meursault at the Ark.
I do not like the venue and from what very little I have heard I do not really like School of Language all that much either.  But Meursault are fucking brilliant, so if you are more SoL-inclined than I am, get yourselves down there.
Meursault – A Few Kind Words

Saturday 21st June 2008: Bear Scotland Presents at Henry’s Cellar Bar.
Actually playing will be the bands Dirty Summer, The Foundling Wheel and Dead Boy Robotics, but I know nothing about them (although Dirty Summer did that excellent song War is Bad, Bono is Great, which has featured on a Toadcast), but given how much I like the Bear Scotland bands I already do know, this show really is worth attending.  I’ll be there, and hopefully I will have some excellent things to share afterwards.
Dirty Summer – War is Bad, Bono is Great
Les Enfant Bastard – Plastic Bag (Pay attention to this, it’s new to this site and really rather good)