Live in Edinburgh This Week – 14th January 2013

edinsnow I am not actually in Edinburgh at the moment, but I have seen lots of people complaining about snow on Facebook, so I used a snowy Edinburgh picture just in case.

Is it actually snowing in Edinburgh? Partly I hope it is, because I love the snow, but partly I really hope it isn’t, because our roof leaks when it snows and we’re getting dangerously close to our bloody living room ceiling collapsing because of the leak.  Fingers fucking crossed, as Mahatma Gandhi might say.

Anyhow, BAD FUN returns this week, back at Henry’s Cellar Bar, bringing you two brand new, freshly hatched Scottish bands, as well as one of my favourite Edinburgh bands, Plastic Animals. Joining them will be The Yawns and Garden of Elks, both from Glasgow and both very new indeed and yet to play in the capital at all. It’s all going to be very alternative rocky, I guess you’d say, with Plastic Animals more shoegazey, The Yawns more laid back and the Elks more rambunctious.

Other than this, there doesn’t seem to be all that much on, as Edinburgh struggles to wake itself from its Christmas slumber, but annoyingly there are two other rather interesting-looking things on at the same time as our gig on Saturday.

If you’re after something a bit more experimental the excellent Braw Gigs are putting on Helm, The Phil Minton and Luke Poot Duo, and Dead Labour Process at Summerhall.

And finally, Future Shorts are hosting another evening of short film at the InSpace Gallery, also on Saturday, should you be after something a little more visually stimulating and with (presumably) fewer guitars.