Live In Edinburgh This Week – 13th September 2010

Newhaven HarbourSorry, this is the best I can do.

And since I’m on holiday this weekend too, you’ll take what you’re given and bloody like it.

If I’ve missed anything, comment away.

Tuesday 14th September – Skullflower, Fordell Research Unit, Noma and Scrim at Banshee Labyrinth

“Ritualistic feedback and guitar decomposition”. A co-promote from like-minded purveyors of weirdo sounds Braw Gigs and Winners Dinnae Shiver. Matthew would hate it. Which makes it even better for the rest of us.

Wednesday 15th September – The Vaselines at The Bongo Club

The “Legendary” Vaselines. What’s good enough for Kurt Cobain, [insert your own punchline here].

Thursday 16th September – Naval Cassidy and Usurper at The Roxy

A night of ‘instant cinema and improvised sound”. Again, Matthew would probably have a minor aneurism at the very idea. I really like it when he goes on holiday.

Saturday 18th September – The Last Battle album launch with Matt Norris and Burnt Island at The Roxy

Much-touted  rising stars and general good eggs The Last Battle get their debut album out the door. Matt Norris sounds worth a gander too.

Saturday 18th September – Kid Canaveral and Night Noise Team at Sneaky Pete’s

Kid Canaveral are really good. I’ve not heard Night Noise Team. I can’t feel my eyes.

[Bart composed this post last week while frantically preparing for End Of The Road and rigorously practising both with his own band, Eagleowl, and their Canadian comrades, Woodpigeon. He was last seen pogo dancing in a wooded glade in Dorset with a wild, almost feral look in his eyes. His current whereabouts remain unknown.]