Live in Edinburgh This Week – 12th August 2013


Well it’s about this time of the week that I tend to reserve for hammering on to you about the Pale Imitation Festival and the gigs we are desperately trying to pimp this August and, erm, well this isn’t going to be too much of an exception. Well it is a bit, but only slightly.

We do, of course, have a gig on of our own this week: the awesome RM Hubbert, Wounded Knee and Lidh lineup at Henry’s Cellar Bar on Saturday at 7pm (tickets here). Since his Scottish Album of the Year Award win Hubby has of course rocketed to the kind of international superstardom known only to the likes of Justin Bieber and One Direction, but he remains remarkably humble despite this. He’s even started singing too, which is really nice. He’s actually got a really nice voice, which shouldn’t have surprised me, but I guess I had subconsciously assumed that he didn’t sing because he couldn’t. Turns out that ain’t the case though, so hope to see you on Saturday.

Now, what makes this August week different from the others, from my perspective at least, is that it is the only one where we don’t have a gig on Thursday. By awesome coincidence, however, it seems that Morningside Young Team have kindly stepped into the Pale Imitation void and are putting on a distinctly Toad-friendly lineup at Sneaky Pete’s on Thursday, with Et Tu Brute (a new, rather punky collaboration between Dan from The Leg and Grant from Edinburgh School For the Deaf and NAKED), recent Pale Imitation alumni Deathcats, and the most intriguing Hookers For Jesus who are I believe from Dundee. It’s all pretty under-the-radar, this one, but the bands look really, really good.