Live in Edinburgh – 17th August 2008


Well it’s August, it’s the much-vaunted Edinburgh Festival and there’s… well, frankly, fuck all on as far as I can tell. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the Retreat Festival I would be officially christening this the Shittest August in History in terms of Edinburgh gigs.

The tail end of last week, with Eagleowl, Broken Records, Johnny Flynn, Sparrow & the Workshop and Noah & the Whale, was pretty much the pinnacle of the Festival calendar as far as I can tell, and my stinking hangover is largely the result of enjoying it all just a little bit too much.

So what is there for you all to enjoy this week? Not much until late in the week actually, which is enormously good news for my liver, and also pretty good for the video editing and Toad Sessions I have to get done.

Wednesday 20th August 2008: Ziggy Campbell & Little Pebble play the Retreat Festival at the Scottish Scullery.
Both of these lads are probably better know as the front men for their respective band, Found and Come In Tokyo, so I actually have little idea what to expect from their solo shows. I’ve been meaning to see Ziggy in particular for some time now, so I am rather looking forward to Wednesday.
Little Pebble – Nae Luck (Jonnie Common Remix)

Thursday 21st August 2008: Popup, Kartta & Tie For Jack at the Voodoo Rooms.
Popup are pure indie pop, and their first couple of songs were really rather good. They have a new album out on Art Goes Pop (excellent label) pretty soon, and I haven’t seen them for nearly a year, so this will be a great chance to have a listen to the new stuff, before I get stuck into the album.
Popup – A Year in a Comprehensive

Friday 22nd August 2008: Club Welto at the Voodoo Rooms, featuring Meursault, Randan Discotheque and various others.
This is a really interesting looking night actually, billed as a combination of music and spoken word. I always like it when promoters try and go beyond just slapping on some bands and getting people pished, so this kind of thing looks really promising. The bands themselves are really good, so if the rest of it is at the same level, then it should be a great night.
Randan Discotheque – I’d Like to be Alone

Saturday 23rd August 2008: My Kappa Roots & Royal Edinburgh Music play the Retreat Festival at the Scottish Scullery.
I find myself thinking that My Kappa Roots have been out of the loop for a little while, but maybe that’s just my perception. He has a new album out and about though, which indicates activity. Anyhow, this is the first time I am going to see him, despite that fact that I’ve been hearing about the guy for over a year. More fool me, I think.
My Kappa Roots – A Golden Age

Sunday 24th August 2008: Meursault & John Edgell play the Retreat Festival at the Scottish Scullery.
We should all know how brilliant Meursault combination of swirling electronics and percussive uke is by now, but I can’t even find a MySpace page for that Edgell character – mmm, intriguing!
Meursault – A Few Kind Words