Jesus H. Foxx – Endless Knocking Album Launch Night

The debut album by Jesus H. Foxx is, as you have hopefully already garnered, available for sale. It has been released into the wild.  It is loose.  And so on.  I hope you have bought one already.  If not, I will be asking why.

Anyhow, the band have arranged a very special launch night on Friday 29th June, at Henderson’s at St. John’s. St. John’s is that huge church at the intersection of Princes Street and Lothian Road, and Henderson’s is in the vaults underneath at the back, facing towards the castle. The venue itself is amazing, so it should be a really special night.

The Foxx have invited Battery Face to play as well, and from what I understand there will be more special guests to be announced.  You can get your tickets here, and please do buy them in advance, as I am not entirely sure of the capacity of the venue. And in case you are swithering, below is a free download of the first single from the album, So Much Water.