It’s Late, but There are Some Cracking Gigs on This Week

 Well it may be a little late to breathlessly announce ‘live in Edinburgh this week’ with multiple exclamation marks and the like, but tardy or not, there are some fine shows on in the capital this week, so plenty for you to do, should you be at a loose end and have a musical itch which needs a-scratching.

I am listening to some Barna Howard in the office today, and it’s perfect.  The sun is blazing, but the weather is cold, and that kind of beautiful acoustic music is absolutely perfect for that odd sense of comfortable melancholy to which I seem to be prone at times like this.

Anyhow, we have plenty of awesome shit still happening in Edinburgh this week, so you musically inclined folk have some top stuff from which to choose. There’s a fair bit of multimedia too, so to stop it slowing down the whole page, the listings are below the jump.

Thursday 11th Oct.: Dylan Carlson (Earth) & Wounded Knee at Sneaky Pete’s.

Dylan Carlson is currently working on a project about English folklore, mixing field recordings, traditional music and all sorts of other stuff. As projects go it sounds both utterly barmy and absolutely fascinating.  And of course with that sort of pot on the boil, it makes perfect sense that he is joined on the bill by Edinburgh’s excellent, and equally ambitiously inquisitive, Wounded Knee.

Friday 12th Oct.: PINS, The Shondes, Honeyblood & The Seafield Foxes at Henry’s Cellar Bar.

I never know what to make of all-female lineups.  I mean, I can see the thinking obviously enough, but it always seems a little off to me.  These things just happen sometimes though I guess, and this lineup is excellent, so it doesn’t really matter. PINS have just released a new EP via Bella Union, and Honeyblood are working on a single and an album at the moment I think, although things are a little hush.  Either way, there will be stylish, aggressive guitars and four bands with attitude to spare – a fine evening.

PINS – SAY TO ME from PINS on Vimeo.

Friday 12th Oct.: Thank You So Nice, Morris Major, Mad Nurse & Little Love at the Voodoo Rooms.

This gig represents the Thank You So Nice album launch, as well as being Morris Major’s penultimate gig in this town.  Given it used to just be pretty much just Kid Canaveral, Come On Gang and Cancel the Astronauts, Edinburgh seems to have a rather burgeoning indie-pop scene all of a sudden.

Saturday 13th Oct.: Errors & Dam Mantle at The Electric Circus.

Dam Mantle is rather more electronic than Errors I think, although I don’t know his stuff that well, I must confess. Anyhow, there’s a Soundcloud link up there in the title for ya. I saw Errors at the Beacons Festival this year for the first time, and I thought they were decent – very thumping and post-rocky for a band relatively small in numbers.

Sunday 14th Oct.: AUN, thisquietarmy, Black Isle Corpus & Hiva Oa (acoustic) at the Banshee Labyrinth.

I don’t know too much about this lineup, I must confess, apart from that Hiva Oa are very good, and that I suspect the first two acts are closely related to CAN, if I’m not mistaken. As a Pendulum Man gig this is likely to be somewhere between the drone, the experimental and the mesemeric.  Hypnotic, fairly abstract music which you can close your eyes and sway to.  At a guess.