It’s Gigmageddon in Edinburgh This Week

APTOPIX India Power Outage Having complained that it was the lack of local music at the Edinburgh International Festival which led to me and some pals setting up the Pale Imitation Festival, between our efforts and those of Haddowfest at the Liquid Room and the internal team at the Queen’s Hall it looks like this year is actually going to be a particularly good one for local music.

In fact, this week is possibly the busiest I have ever seen in this town. I mean, there has always been the odd clash here and there, but this week is nuts.

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As well as the Armellodie gig on Wednesday which I mentioned earlier today we have some almighty clashes later on in the week.

On Thursday we have Plastic Animals, Deathcats and Mad Nurse at Henry’s for the Pale Imitation Festival, but that clashes with Broken Records at the Liquid Room Annexe, as well as the Doogie Paul Memorial Concert at the Assembly Rooms.

And then on Saturday Sparrow and the Workshop, The Rosy Crucifixion and Siobhan Wilson play Pale Imitation, and that happens to clash with Kid Canaveral at the Liquid Rooms and Withered Hand at the Queen’s Hall.

It’s mental. I certainly don’t remember a time when there were this many good gigs happening at the same time here before, but I suppose you’d have to say it’s a welcome development, even if it is a bit of a commercial threat to promoters like myself. I mean, if anything there’s too much on this week, and I don’t think I’ve ever had to say that before.

The Edinburgh music scene’s rather vague sense of ‘health’, however you want to define that rather woolly concept, has been an elusive property over the years. This is a small town, and when your sample size is small it can be difficult to tell the signal from the noise, and any two things happening at the same time can seem like a trend.

Last year, with very few interesting new bands to emerge from the town in a while, and pretty much no local music at all on during the Fringe it looked like Edinburgh had drifted pretty seriously into the doldrums. This year, with a few more new bands having appeared in the last year or so and an unusually busy Fringe for local music, it suddenly looks like we’re in good shape again.

And the difference is a mere twelve months. So don’t ask me about this shit, as I clearly have no idea, but I hope we haven’t spread ourselves too thin this week. Still, whatever gig you end up going to, there are some absolutely stonking shows happening around town in the next few days.