I am Going to This Tonight, and So Should You

If you think back to the days of MTV unplugged (alright, alright, if you’re old enough to think back to the days of MTV Unplugged) you’ll remember that getting the front man of a rock band to play an acoustic guitar can be a bit hit and miss. Nirvana’s performance was legendary, others were really good, but most were really boring.

This one, I am sure, will be good. Throughout their existence, PAWS have always been really good at putting up demos and ideas and fractions of bits and pieces they’re playing with for people to listen to. Songs appear in their sketch form and then demo form before ever being formally recorded, and the band like this – their take is that if you can watch the song develop then you are more likely to become attached to it yourself.

Also, because Phil is also a really strong lyricist, the acoustic format can work really well to emphasise the actual words. I remember first hearing the utterly ramshackle version of Bainz they posted a year or so ago. It’s brilliant, and so different to the band stuff. It actually sounds exactly like what it is: a song written and recorded in the middle of the night by someone who just can’t get to sleep.

And when your support comes from Rory ‘just make a fucking album for fuck’s sake’ Sutherland and the awesome Now Wakes the Sea, they you’re onto a winner. Rory makes instrumental looped music, and apart from inertia, I think one of the biggest reasons he hasn’t started to record anything yet is that he is a bit of a technician. It’s not like a band, where he could just rattle up to our house, play it all live, record the results and add a handful of overdubs later. He’d be working for ages assembling everything he needed, and he’s a bit of a perfectionist (or endless ditherer, I can’t tell the difference) as well, so it wouldn’t be a quick project.

He should still just fucking get on with it though.

And as one last inducement, here’s a brand new PAWS acoustic demo for you. See you at the Banshee Labyrinth tonight, then. Tickets here.