Gig Confusion and Chunky Apologies

As a few of you have noticed, there has been a little gig confusion, what with me promising an Autumn Toad Night with the Pineapple Chunks and then not putting it in my own listings.

Basically, I have been unable to find anyone to put on the bill with them, so have been unable to promote the gig.  So by the time yesterday rolled around I thought it best to just cancel, rather than put on a badly-promoted gig which would be rude to the Chunks, and not a lot of fun for everyone else.  No-one wants a badly-run, half-arsed gig night, basically.

What I thought would be best would be to invite the Chunks onto the bill at the Toad Christmas Night with Jesus H. Foxx instead (Saturday 12th Dec for those taking notes) and make sure that the night was properly promoted and that they therefore were afforded due respect.

So instead of Saturday being a full-on gig night at the Bowery, Ruth has very kindly suggested (and very kindly not beaten me to death for being an idiot) that we have an acoustic night in the bar, have people round to DJ and generally just make a nice night of it.  So we need about four volunteers to play acoustic sets, and a couple of people to volunteer to play some records and everyone else to volunteer to turn up and get pissed.  It’ll be free, but for my sins I promise to stand everyone who plays (music or records) a few beers as a thank you.

So apologies to Ruth and the Pineapple Chunks, but we can still have an excellent night despite my stupid tendency to take on far, far too much and then to balls it up.

Red Red Meat – Idiot Son

And in non-Toad-related news, gosh aren’t music blogs suffering from a colossal case of groupthink!  Go to the Hype Machine and check out the artist page for Vampire Weekend and see how many people have posted their new song.  I do have some sympathy with this – I mean, we all just post what we’re interested in (don’t we?  don’t we?) and I was personally curious to hear the song – but it does look bloody ridiculous when you see that great big long list.

I wouldn’t bother if I were you.  It’s shit.