Also Live This Week, Because I am an Idiot…

 My ability to retain information appears to be shot to shit at the moment, and for no real reason that I can think of, apart from the fact that I am trying to stuff more in there than usual, and consequently more seems to be leaking out the sides.

Anyhow, the way I now retain information is to write everything down, but this has a flipside.  Because it is retained in written form, it now appears it is even less likely to stay in my head than it was before, making me into some sort of proto-cyborg, who can’t exist without his damn iCalendar and inbox.

Anyhow, what is all this about?  Well, despite clearly writing it in my diary, I managed to omit the following gig from yesterday’s listings:

Thursday 22nd Sept.: Stanley Brinks, Freschard & Garfunkel and Simon at the Wee Red Bar.

Stanley Brinks is a former member of Herman Dune, and probably well known to a lot of readers of this site, but I have to confess it’s Clemence Freschard who most interests me about this lineup.  There’s something about the guitar tone she uses, and the plain, slightly disingenuous delivery of the vocal that I really like the sound of.  You can hear three of her albums at the Bandcamp link above, and I’ve embedded one below, just in case you’re ultra-lazy, as well as a video of a Stanley Brinks/Freschard, for a taste of what you’ll be in for on Thursday.

So apologies to Kieran, who’s putting the gig on, and to the bands, but umm… well, please ignore my idiocy and go along to this if you can.