All Creatures Will Make Merry on Vinyl!

That little beauty up there is the vinyl version of All Creatures Will Make Merry.  It is on lovely touchy-feely reverse uncoated board (in layman’s terms, that nice matt-feel stuff), and the record itself is clear red vinyl – fucking gorgeous.

I’ll be getting them up for sale on the label site in the next few days, but if you are based in Edinburgh and feeling a little impatient, then you can pick one up tonight at the Electric Circus, where Neil from Meursault will be playing solo, and sharing a bill with Benjamin Shaw and John Egdell.

I don’t, I have to confess, have much idea what Neil will be playing, but I do know the lads are a good chunk of the way into recording their third album so I would imagine material from that will feature quite heavily.  He might be helped out by Rob St. John on harmonium here and there tonight too, whereas tomorrow at the Queen’s Hall will be a different set altogether, and Sunday’s Retreat performance a full band extravaganza.

The record had to be remastered before we could put it on vinyl – there was simply no way around that – but to make sure people don’t feel ripped off, if you can send me a picture of you holding a previously purchased copy of the album then I will send you a download of the new versions for free.  They really aren’t that different, except one or two songs, but again, I don’t want anyone feeling cheated.

The actual vinyl itself has turned out beautifully.  Chris from Brothers Grimm reworked the whole cover design, and inasmuch as it is clearly related to the previous artwork, I think this works much better with the larger format.  And the vinyl is red!  It’s fucking awesome!

And as a quick preview, here is Neil playing solo for They Shoot Music Don’t They, a new video from Benjamin Shaw, from his new single, and finally some John Egdell as well: