David Thomas Broughton / Juice Vocal Ensemble - Sliding the Same Way

Sliding the Same Way



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After meeting at SXSW in 2011 Juice and David kept in contact about possibly working together, but getting together is difficult for artists who are busy with their own projects, particularly if one is based in the Far East. Finally in 2013, during a couple of short trips back, David gathered the group in his home town of Otley to spend a few hours recording. The album spans the hymnal to human beatbox, discord to angelic harmony, with lyrical themes displaying the weaknesses of men, via rural imagery and sombre love songs, to the decline of northern industry and pub brawls.

David had some basic ideas; Juice had no idea what they would be faced with. After some short discussion and a little practise the part-improvised tracks were recorded live in one take and kept sparse, underpinned by David’s gentle and often imprecise guitar playing as the accompaniment to four voices.

David Thomas Broughton occupies a contentious position, divides opinion, unsettles, is self-consciously clumsy, hilarious, beautiful but above all memorable. Walls of noise and layers of beauty interweave and delight at every turn. Many people use loops these days. Broughton includes the glitches, mistakes, and the resulting comedy in his act, works with what he has, and moves on. Broughton writes songs of beauty, with classic themes of love, pain, hurt, suicide, depression, teenage angst etc… It’s just they come out with a comedic twist and are rarely reproduced in a live setting as they are heard on record.

“If you have a heart, Outbreeding (2011) will put it through the gauntlet. If you have a brain, Outbreeding will make you use it. It’s a perfectly weighted exhibition of its creator’s talents and capacity, both fulfilled. 9/10”Drowned in Sound
“arguably the most staggering live musician in the country.”Mojo

Juice Vocal Ensemble are an experimental vocal trio who explore new a cappella music that defies genre. They’ll do anything from ethereal, stratospheric classical sounds to spooky bluegrass, beatboxing to hollering. They have performed fiendish avant-garde pieces by the likes of John Zorn, Meredith Monk and Morton Feldman, but also turn their hand to inventive covers of Guns ‘n’ Roses, Kraftwerk and Rihanna. They have commissioned and performed work by composers including Gavin Bryars, Shlomo, Mica Levi (aka Micachu from Micachu and The Shapes), Anna Meredith and award-winning folk artist Jim Moray.
“The 21st century’s answer to the Swingles or the King’s Singers” – The Times “astonishing variety, spark and brilliance – proof that the sap is still rising in classical music”The Observer
“immense – delivered with perfect pitch and an ear for the most apt harmony”The Independent