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Edinburgh based musician Neil Pennycook began performing under the name Meursault in 2006.

By the time of the release of debut album ‘Pissing on Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues’, in December 2008, a settled band had formed, and had developed a very distinctive character based around a shifting interplay of electronic and traditional instruments. The songs themselves were based on the themes of separation and estrangement, and the work is best described as a ‘break-up’ album, albeit without the usual, romantic connotations.

At this point, Neil was (for the most part) recording on his own in the living room of a borrowed flat, with ‘live’ arrangements being drawn from what were felt to be the songs essential elements. This approach to live performance has since become a vital part of Meursaults appeal as regular gig goers have heard most of these songs played either as sparse laments, thunderous blasts of impassioned noise or anywhere in between. Meanwhile, ‘Pissing…/Kissing…’ continued to garner praise both nationally and beyond.

Following the 2009 release of acoustic EP ‘Nothing Broke’, a companion to the debut album, Meursault began to experiment with a more layered, complex sound, as evident on the pair of 7″ singles released in December of that year (William Henry Miller Parts One and Two), and culminating in second album, ‘All Creatures Will Make Merry’, released in May 2010. With a new musical approach Meursault also began to explore new lyrical themes, focusing on fulfillment and ambition ‘All Creatures…’ blended twisted modern folk stories with more introspective songs than had been offered previously, often veering towards brutal honesty balanced with dark humour and the slightest thread of optimism throughout.

With this release came much wider recognition, with the album being very favourably reviewed across the board. This in turn led to a hectic Summer festival schedule, and both national and European tours, making 2010 an intense, but exceptionally rewarding year for Meursault.

Presently, Meursault are writing a third (as yet untitled) album while continuing to perform regularly both locally and further afield.

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