Jonnie Common – Restless

 “A dulcet siren issued from the trig point on a mountain of student debt” is how Glasgow’s “gorgeous machine-pop bard” Jonnie Common describes his latest single Restless. Born from low-key live shows trying out new material in stripped backed form, Restless is a slow bob on a wave of self-employed uncertainty – available here.

Warped guitar, a splash of brass and backing vocals of a Glaswegian sonic-stalwart and fellow Save As Collective member Gavin Thomson, it is a wry and lyrically dense anthem for the overworked and dissatisfied. The single also features a remix of Restless by Scottish Mercury nominee C Duncan, with whom Jonnie Common has played a number of shows over the past couple of years. Jonnie says: “It felt entirely appropriate for C Duncan to remix this particular track as I played it live for the first time at one of his shows. When he sent me the remix, he referred to his guitar playing as ’90s sitcom style’. I’m guessing he drew the line at adding some Seinfeld-y slap bass.”

So if you’re feeling restless, Jonnie Common has some advice: “Have a break. Have a Kitkat. Have a listen to this. (Sorry, that’s very cheesy but I just ate a Kitkat).”