Modern Studies Sign to Fire Records

It’s kind of awesome and kind of sad for me to announce that Modern Studies have signed to Fire Records to release their second LP. It’s okay though. I know where they live.

And really, for all it’s kind of sad, and I was really looking forward to working with the band on album number two, I do have to admit that this is good for everyone. For them, it gives them a chance to work with an entire team (instead of basically just me and Rob trying to figure out who else we can email about the album late at night after too much wine), booking, publishing and all the infrastructure which goes with a proper, well-established indie.

For us, it shows the industry that we might actually be serious, and that it’s not just fucking about with annoyingly weird stuff because I like to wind people up.

And actually, for all I dearly love Song, by Toad Records, I would never deny our limitations. Even with the new, expanded team, we are still a tiny operation working on a shoe-string budget and I have often wished the bands we worked with could get the chance to have someone actually invest in them and put some heft behind them just to see what they could achieve. I think pretty much all of our releases had the potential to do far, far better than they did, but so much of that is down to resources and networks which we just can’t provide.

So hopefully Modern Studies will show that we do have a fucking good ear for excellent music around here, thank you very much, and then the rest of the industry can come a-calling and get some of these other fucking deadbeats off my hands.

Good luck guys, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you, and you really do genuinely deserve every opportunity which comes your way.

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