The Food Of Love Project

Never let it be said that this record label is all boorish drunks and ramshackle amateurs, because we aren’t. Well, I am, but not everyone I work with is.

The Food Of Love Project, for example, is a compilation album featuring renditions and re-imaginings of various songs and poems that appeared or were referenced in the works of William Shakespeare, and you don’t get much more high-brow than that. It’s been curated by our good pal Seb Reynolds from PinDrop publicity, and happens to include a healthy handful of Toad artists.

Rob St John and cellist Pete Harvey from Modern Studies have contributed a version of ‘Farewell, Dear Love’, a song featured in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (I had to look that up, I have never read Twelfth Night), and the always-enigmatic David Thomas Broughton has recorded a rather characteristic version of Lawn as White as Driven Snow (I have no idea where that one is from, because I am an ignoramus).

Anyhow, I just thought I’d bring these to your attention as this is an ace concept, and these songs are fucking brilliant. So there you go.

This is being released as part of the Oxford Shakespeare Jubilee 2016, and you can buy a copy here.

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