Bastard Mountain Launch Shows Tomorrow and Thusrday

SbTR-A-030 Outer Sleeve EX

Bastard Mountain aren’t going to play all that many live shows. It’s a collaborative effort and the band all have their own projects going on, so if you want to see them live then this coming week is going to be pretty much the only time to do it.

On Saturday 24th May (yes, tomorrow!) they’ll be playing the Sssh! Festival in London. And then on Thursday 29th May the Edinburgh album launch will be taking place at the Queen’s Hall. I can only make it to the latter, unfortunately, but the Queen’s Hall is pretty much the perfect venue for this kind of music and I am really excited about the show. We’ll have all the tables and candles out too, so it will be proper sophisticated, likes. None of the usual scruffy shite you’ve probably come to expect from Song, by Toad gigs over the years.

The response to this album has been fantastic. The reviews have been brilliant, and we’ve had great support from our pals Vic Galloway up here, from Gideon Coe and Tom Ravenscroft on 6Music, and we’ve had a couple of daytime spins from Lauren Laverne this week as well, on Monday and Wednesday. On Monday she played the Rory Sutherland (Broken Records violin player and Toad Sessions recording engineer/cameraman) song Drone Armatrading┬áthen on Wednesday the gorgeous, Rob St. John-penned Palisade.

In fact, the response has been so good that our distributor has sold out already, and I am nervously eyeing the remaining boxes here in the office and wondering if we can really afford to send them all the extra stock they’ve asked for when we have two launch shows coming up. I think we may end up re-pressing this only two weeks after the bloody release date, which is both great news and something of an indictment of my ability to plan things properly.

So a massive thank you to all who have written about this album or played it on your podcasts and radio shows. It is a properly gorgeous album and I am really, really proud of it. Well done Bastards!