Split 12″ v2 Starting to Take Shape

Well well well, three bands down and one last one to go – three-quarters of the next Song, by Toad Split 12″ have now been recorded.  The mixes are still being fine-tuned of course, and we still have Zed Penguin to come in and lay down their tracks, so we don’t really know what kind of a record we’re making just yet, but it’s slowly becoming clearer as we motor along.

This isn’t, of course, like a conventional album and we only plan things out so much.  We invite the bands we really want to have on each split, and we try and choose bands who will complement one another, but we don’t make demands about which songs they record nor do we vet them in advance – they turn up, record four songs of their own choosing and three of them end up on the record.

Consequently, the record itself only starts to take shape as we record and we get an idea for what each band has brought to the table. On Friday we recorded the third band on the next split, which was Magic Eye from Edinburgh.  That picture is them recording their vocal overdubs.

Adding these songs to a playlist with the four we recorded by LeThug and Plastic Animals earlier I am starting to get a feel for the record, now, I think.  The recordings all certainly go really, really well together and seem to sit a really nice junction between fuzz and melody, prettiness and experimentation.

Seriously, you are going to love this one.  I am sure of it!

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