Trips and Falls – He Was Such a Quiet Boy

This might actually have been my favourite album of 2009.  The trouble was that it was a self-release, which we were in the process of re-jigging a little and re-releasing on Song, by Toad Records, so I didn’t really want to include it in its initial form.

I don’t want to give you the hard sell, so you can read my intial review here.  This is a new version though, re-sequenced, re-mastered and with a few songs clipped out.  I honestly love this record – it’s strange and a little creepy and yet in a sense it is probably best thought of as a pop record I think.  The songs themselves are absolutely packed with riffs and hooks and all that pop stuff, it’s just all somewhat, well… peculiar I guess.  And I love it.

Initial reviews have been *ahem* flooding in.  Well sort of.  We’ve had some really nice ones in The Skinny, Quick Before it Melts and This Music Wins, which I really appreciate.  The real peach, though, came by email from Nicola who has been a massive support to this label in general, and was intending to review it for The List.  She was somehow thwarted due to administrational gremlins unfortunately, but she emailed me this, and I really wish you read more reviews like this in actual magazines:

“Anecdotally, I do have some feedback though. It has been, without a doubt, THE hit album in our house this year. This is predominantly due to the fact that my wee girl (two-and-a-half) utterly loves the opening track. (By which I mean it’s on almost every morning by half seven, and we’re all up dancing). I was tempted to mail you to let you know that at a recent family gathering there were octogenarians up on the floor to the Chills / country strains of Trips & Falls but, you know, babies and pensioners are maybe not yr demographic… (There were plenty of us inbetweeners loving it too, right enough…)”

So there you have it.  If you ever have children and pensioners you want to see on the same dancefloor (actually, that sounds dangerous, how are there so few fatalities at weddings?) then this is your baby.

Anyhow, I love this, it is now available to buy and I really hope you’ll enjoy it as well.  There’s a video for And in Real Life He Wears Corduroy Pants at the bottom of the page as well – it’s an all-out multi-media PR blitz!

Trips and Falls – How Do You Do…

Trips and Falls – And in Real Life He Wears Corduroy Pants

Trips and Falls – Prelude to a Shark Attack

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