Inspector Tapehead

Inspector Tapehead

Ooh, the excitement.  I do like finding new things which get me excited and then gabbling giddily about them to my crowd of internet bunnies.

Inspector Tapehead played at last week’s Trampoline gig at the Wee Red Bar and were bloody marvelous.  It’s, erm, folky indie-pop I suppose, with chunks of bluegrass and electronica thrown into the mix.  Jonnie Common from Down the Tiny Steps plays in the band and his devilish box of tricks in pretty clearly in evidence.  The other two band members, Chris Croasdale on guitar and Roy Shearer on drums, used to be in Adam Beattie & the Consultants who have produced some amazing music, but have gone rather sadly quiet recently.  So there’s plenty of pedigree in this band, although you could hardly extrapolate their provenance from their sound.

There’s definitely some playful pop sensibilities in there.  In fact, for all the folk and electronica I guess describing these chaps as a somewhat experimental pop band might be the most accurate way to get across the feeling of their music.  Each song does build rather slowly and, in some senses, a little unpromisingly, but before a minute each has launched into whatever manic energy possesses it and danced off around the room, swinging you along with it.

These songs come from a 3 song album sampler given out at the gig, and from listening to this little lot I think I can pretty much guarantee at least one sale, over here in the Toad corner please.

Inspector Tapehead – Pherenzik Tear
Inspector Tapehead – I am Your Pedigree

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