Loch Lomond – Lament For Children

Loch Lomond

EP or mini-album, whatever, this is really rather good.  It’s all about their newest album Paper the Walls at the moment, but I didn’t want to skip over this one because I’m really enjoying it.  From Hush, based in Portland, the same label that nurtured The Decemberists, it is all too easy to note that Ritchie Young and Colin Meloy have vaguely similar voices.  Given that, and the fact that they’re an indie-folk act, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the similarities run deeper.

Well they do, but only sort of.  Lyrically Loch Lomond can veer close to the other lot, close enough that when you first start to listen it raises half an eyebrow. But where the Decemberists tend towards bawdy tales of taverns, Loch Lomond employ the more curious imagery of magical fairytales.  Sufjan Stevens springs to mind, although without the intricate orchestration this is more a folk album than a baroque one – some of the basic rhythms recall Fairport-era English folk.  You get the idea.

They play with delicacy for the most part but lift it into a more full-throated delivery at perfectly judged moments.  The loveliness is almost the stabilising undercurrent that allows the occasionally upped tempos, the few howls of vocal and the odd guitar snarl to hit home to perfection.  I am really glad I bought this, and I’m now listening to the new one with great hopes.  A lovely example of slightly magical indie-folk.

Loch Lomond – Bird & a Bear
Loch Lomond – Spine

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