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Monday, August 8, 2016Virgin of the Birds – Secret Kids

A NEW Virgin of the Birds album is coming, folks, and it’s bloody great.

Fresh from his phenomenal contribution to the fourth Song, by Toad Split 12″ (with vastly, vastly different versions of a couple of the tunes from this new album, coincidentally), Jon Rooney is back with another Virgin of the Birds record.

The first track, Spooky, Stony, Barely Over Thirty is out as a wee teaser, and you can pre-order the record on limited edition vinyl here.

I love working with John. His tunes are simple, but absolutely always catchy, and he is one of these lyricists who is constantly able to amuse and surprise you. You listen to his music and there’s nothing obviously all that clever going on to begin with, but then the more you listen the more subtle little moments make themselves known, and suddenly you’re hooked.

In the words of Monty Python’s Leonardo Da Vinci, “it just works, mate”.

Jon will be back in Scotland in December to play the Song, by Toad Christmas show, so keep an eye out for that, and a couple of other dates around then too.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016Modern Studies Album Launch and New Single

ModStud Mojo

Modern Studies are building up an impressive head of steam as their album release approaches on the 12th September.

New single Father is a Craftsman got a wee spin on Vic Galloway the other night, they’ve just had a cracking review in Mojo, and we eagerly await the delivery of the vinyl soon as well (pre-order one here). This what I think you are supposed to refer to as exciting times!

They have an album launch booked in too, at the Happiness Hotel, our warehouse recording space down in Leith on September 10th. It’s BYOB, and we’ll lay on some food, and you can get your tickets by clicking below.  Exciti… oh, no, sorry, I already said that. But seriously, though, eh?

Oh yes, and that new single I was on about:

Friday, July 15, 2016Song, by Toad: The Year So Far In Videos

Dive-Bombing | Modern Studies from rob st john on Vimeo.

Considering we do things like the Toad Sessions, here at Song, by Toad Records we are generally not all that good at making videos for our releases. Fortunately this year we have been working with a bunch of bands with plenty of their own initiative, and actually have a nice wee record of our releases for the year in the form of a video playlist. I am embedding this playlist below so you can have a wee browse through our half-term report for 2016.

Modern Studies – Dive Bombing (above)

This one isn’t out until September (pre-order here), but the excitement is building already for this album of orgeous, retro-tinged chamber pop – “compelling and graceful” – Gold Flake Paint

Viking Moses – Morning Compromise

The fourth in our Split 12″ series, this is the one and only album we’ll ever record in the living room of our new house in Leith, because Mrs. Toad has forbidden it from now on. This is therefore a one-off artefact of minimal acoustics and slow-paced, rumbling drone – “one of the best albums the label have put out to date” – Whisperin’ and Hollerin’.

Viking Moses – Morning Compromise from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

David Thomas Broughton – Gulf (feat. Jordan Geiger)

A triple vinyl release, with three different labels, recorded while David was living in Pyongyang, North Korea. It sounds odd enough as it is, but this is a breathtaking behemoth of a record. Experimental, looped folk which drifts between confrontationally abstract and blissfully gorgeous. I’ve sold out now, but you can still get a copy from NoizeMaker Records in France“a staggering achievement” – Americana UK.

Jonnie Common – More Oven Than Not

Kitchen Sync is an experimental, instrumental album of playful songs composed of found sounds from Jonnie’s kitchen and released on a set of fridge magnets because, er… well, because we could, I suppose. The magnets have sold out, but you can still buy it digitally here – “Sprinkled with interesting ideas and baked to perfection” – Shout4Music.

DTHPDL – The Future

DTHPDL’s debut EP The Future is tight as hell, somewhat synthy indie rock full of hummable tunes – “largely unclassifiable but highly enjoyable” – Is This Music?

DTHPDL – THE FUTURE from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

Adam Stafford – Phantom Billions

From ‘electrified pop’ masterpiece Taser Revelations“absolutely extraordinary” – Louder Than War

Adam Stafford – Phantom Billions from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.